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Are you currently without IT support for your home or business and are in having a problem?  Do you have an IT staff that needs to be augmented with a reliable outsourced company on an "as needed" basis? Are you an IT services provider and are backed up with work and need a hand, or need vacation coverage?  Do you have a computer or network problem and need the issue addressed and resolved in a swift manner?

Enter Greznet's Rapid Remote Response Team!  We strive to provide you with a swift assessment and resolve of your issues as quickly as possible each time!

Make a request for support using the form below.  We require a charge of $99.00 plus NJ State Sales Tax ($105.56 with tax).  Once the charge is approved, we will make every effort to expeditiously contact you to address your issue.

Please note that our main hours of operation for this service are Monday through Friday, 9:00AM until 6:00PM.  After hours or weekends can be scheduled based on availability.   Click here to fill out the form for after hours or weekend support and choose "After Hours Support Request" from the type of support needed...thank you!

This purchase is non-refundable.

How the process works

What am I getting for my money?  Great question!  We want to ensure you are comfortable with ever dime you invest into our team!

  • Initial phone call and discussion of your issue.

  • An assessment of the issue.

  • We will make every honest good faith effort to resolve your issue within 75 minutes.

  • In the event we finish before 75 minutes has commenced, we will gladly stay on with you to see if you have any other needs!

  • In the event that the issue will take longer than 75 minutes, you will be advised that this will need to be listed as a project under Greznet and we will discuss with you what we feel it would take along with an estimate of charges.


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Rapid Remote Response

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